Being Yourself

Topics: Human nature, Natural environment, Debut albums Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: August 14, 2013
  Being yourself, being who you are. When you hear those two lines you may think they mean the same thing but do they? Think about it, you were born into this world a tiny little baby with no ideas, or preferences, but as you grew you developed a personal identity, but did it really develop or was it in you to begin with.  If you believe you were born already with a personality, then you take the side of nature. on the other hand if you believe that your personality developed based on influences in your life beginning when you were a child then you believe in nurture. Two totally different theories, both which are believed to make us who we are.  I believe nature has the stronger effect because our appearances and personalities depend a lot on our genes. My mom and I have very similar personalities. We sometimes find new similarities and realize again that we are very similar. My mom and I have been raised in different environments, so I believe nature has the upper hand. Scientists have been debating this question because we can never be sure if it was nature or nurture that affected us. In my example, although genes do play a big role, it is possible that my mom has just raised me the way she was raised, and that is why we are very similar.  In conclusion, One's personal identity must develop through the environment it is what makes us who we are. 
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