Blade Runner & Frankenstein

Topics: Human, Blade Runner, Human condition Pages: 17 (6344 words) Published: February 4, 2013
This module requires students to compare texts in order to explore them in relation to their contexts. It develops students’ understanding of the effects of context and questions of value. Students examine ways in which social, cultural and historical context influences aspects of texts, or the ways in which changes in context lead to changed values being reflected in texts. This includes study and use of the language of texts, consideration of purposes and audiences, and analysis of the content, values and attitudes conveyed through a range of readings. CONTEXT + MEDIUM: Didactic tale – V learned that by attaining or realising the desire, one loses it, for it destroys the possibility of community and ultimately leads to the destruction of the self. Inherent warning about the evils that can be set loose if man plays God shown in Victor’s obsessive and Tyrell’s greedy quest to bestow life. 1800s – period of great technological and scientific change. Discoveries were made in all fields of research including the potential for electricity or ‘galvanism’. F exhibited popular Romanticist and Gothic elements. Romanticism represented a direct rebellion against Enlightenment thinking, replacing reason with feeling and vision. It valued imagination and emotion over rationality, and celebrated nature rather than civilisation. Industrial Revolution – social and economic changes. Romanticists believed that mass production was a primary cause of mounting social ills such as poverty, urban overcrowding and unhealthy and dangerous working conditions. They saw it as a threat to individualist ideals.Gothicism – “Characterised by picturesque settings; an atmosphere of mystery, gloom, and terror; supernatural or fantastic occurrences; and violent and macabre events.” – Heightened emotions, sinister characters and macabre settings such as graveyards and charnel houses. 1980s: social disillusionment characterised the era. The combined force of globalisation, advertising and materialism seriously impacted on long-established, social and economic values and practices. Awareness of a number of social concerns was mounting, including ethical issues relating to scientific and technological progress. Pollution resulting from commercial exploitation, industrialisation, urbanisation and the excessive use of fossil fuels was linked to threats of irreversible ecological degradation and contamination. The Reagan period was a time of increasing social alienation; a by-product of the validation of commercialism and militarism over traditional values of family and community. Politically, the 80s were dominated by the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher who took on the trade unions and privatised many state-owned industries. | Frankenstein| Blade Runner |

Epistolatory narrative framework: three levels, encapsulating the recounts of V, the C and W. This Chinese box narrative structure generates reader sympathy and empathy which alters with each version. This structural device also adds drama and intrigue. The use of 3 narrators lends verisimilitude to an unlikely story since there Is no one omniscient narrator. Our ideas are formulated by responding to multiple narrators and from being able to balance perceptions from one to the other.It allows the audience to judge and assess the moral worth of the protagonists. W functions as a moral intermediary communicating his own experiences as well as that of scientist and creature. Romanticism: Language is highly descriptive, especially in relation to depictions of nature which is sublime and awe inspiring. Remains highly structured around Nature, which is used to elucidate their lived experiences. The characters are able to articulate their experiences through the spatial surround of Nature. Articulated through Romantic language evoking nature.Landscape: her novel’s “wild and mysterious regions” are the icy wastes of the North; a bleak (pessimistic, negative) and forbidding...
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