Business Information Systems

Topics: Supply chain management, Supply chain, Decision support system Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Big Aussie ⏏ 1:
1. Perform value chain analysis: Use competitive forces 4 analysis b/c no customer feedback data present. Threats affecting ⏏is new entrants & existing competitors. To overcome:  support value activities to raise barrier 2 entry, these include Biz infrastructure, HRM, R&D & procurement. 2. Determine Biz Strategy & process: A Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major overall aim. Processes are tasks performed within a VCA. ⏏has good operational IS but analytical info is hard to get & ≠ useful. Strategy: to improve access to quality analytical info for DM. Current DM ≠ supported by quality Info or tools. Strategy: to provide better support 4 DM. Change DM process, use tools 2 provide better support 4 DM & allow prompt strategies + process changes. 3. Determine IS needs: ⏏has good Operational IS, Restaurant Ordering, Ingredient Purchasing, Staff Roster, Payroll, Accounting IS. But need an Analytical IS to support manipulation of info 2 create Biz Intelligence in support of strategic DM. Additionally appropriate decision support system could help managers: 1 check if changing no. Items on menu have >effect. 2 investigate ? Happen if rest open > or $100 on a transaction, to  Up-selling or Cross- Selling. ⏏could use a Customer Service CRM IS to 1) auto make + cancel reservations & take away orders. 2) Remind customers of reservations via SMS on the day. 3) Allow customers to provide further feedback on problem w menu. 4) Allow customers 2 comment on service issues (incorrect orders). An appropriate analytical CRM IS could help biz by 1) finding new customers, 2) giving customers what they want 3) retain customers by following up initial contact. 4. Determine ICT infrastructure requirements: Purchase Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) which allow waiters 2 take orders & access CRM IS. Purchase CRM software 2 gather & store customer info & provide 2 staff. Purchase server 2 run CRM software & wireless network for PDAs. Purchase POS...
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