Child Psychology and Correlation

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human nature Pages: 5 (1639 words) Published: March 28, 2014
Why it is difficult for researchers to isolate specific causes of child behaviour - using two of your own examples. How is the term “correlation” a solution to this problem?

It is difficult for researchers to isolate specific causes of child behaviour because each child’s environmental settings and values are different from one to another. Most scientists agree that genes have some influence over general intelligence and special aptitudes in such activities as athletics, mathematics, music, and science. But genes are not the only factor involved in producing these characteristics.  In some cases, the child may inherit some genes, which would enable him/her, to become a very good dancer, pianist, painter, etc., but if the child is not able to follow up with studies, experience, or training in a particular field, it would be unlikely that they would excel in that area, simply by means of the genetic inheritance. Finding an excellent instructor to train and encourage the child is usually the key to developing their potential, with or without inheriting some particular genes. Because correlation is when two or more things happened at the same time, but not even connected to each other. They might be associated with each other but not connected by cause. On June 28, 2003, Reuters News Agency reported on a Hungarian medical study of 221 men who carried cell phones. The study found that men who carried cell phones in their front pockets of there pants instead in their jacket or briefcase had 30% lower sperm count than the average male population in 1970. The problem is that the study only found correlations; it did not determine clear causation. Those people carry cigarettes in their jacket to keep them save from getting crushed. We all know it has been known that smokers usually have a low sperm count. Perhaps smoking caused the lower sperm count rather than position of the cell phone per se. Stress can cause that same problem as well. Correlation can indicate possible causes or areas for further investigation and it suggest that there is a relationship between the two variables the cell phone and the cigarette. In Thai public schools there are very many students in the classroom, 50-55 pupils in one classroom. Their level of knowledge in different subjects are very poor, they don’t pay attention to there teacher and don’t even participate in class activates. Is it because of the amount of the pupils in one classroom create that poor learning process or the lack of interest in the subject that create the poor result in their grades and knowledge? In my opinion it is a connection between the two variables, in this case –the size of the classroom and the lack of attention. So the correlation and cause are not connected.

What environmental and social aspects are
required for the “ideal” environment for a
developing child in your country

In Thailand, creating an ideal environment for the children can be very difficult, because of social and environmental differences. In rural areas where the life is very difficult, children have to feel that they belong to their country and society. Many ethnic groups, especially in the north have to have state citizenship, to be able to get any help from the government. They are not counted as poor, therefore, they are not entitled to receive help from the government. These minorities don’t have the required documents to show the government that they are actually Thai. Because of that, they only have a color card that allows them to stay in only one province. If they had an ID card, they could have access to scholarships from the government, however, these children growing up in poverty, with no education, simply have to work and help their parents for all of them to survive. Ideal environment when children have a loving family, which most of a times they do, education that they need and dreams to achieve what they want. When they don’t have the education and ability to get...
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