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- perspective
o Deism
▪ Considered to have been a deist????? * not sure ▪ Believed deism differed from Christianity greatly – compared to atheism ▪ Considered those to be deists to have been “bypassing” Christ himself • “tended to ruin Christianity by bypassing the existence of god himself” • Says those who fall in Deism seek God outside of Christ ▪ Believed that natural world could prove the feasibility / logical aspect of religion, however did not believe that it could prove the truth of the religion itself, nor could it prove Christ because Christ was among ▪ Believes that religion is supernatural, therefore natural reason cannot prove it ▪ Believes that religion and nature do share common characteristics, however nature cannot prove the truth of religion because it cannot access the type of rationality that defines it ▪ Pascal defines deism to be a religion that consists of worshipping a god considered to be great and eternal and mighty. • He does not believe that we should proclaim god to be someone who expects that we live only good moral lives ▪ Believes that god cannot be known unless through faith, and that faith cannot be attained through natural reason ▪ Believes deism misunderstands Christianity because in deism they adore God so much and believe that God would make himself known and go unignored – but in reality, he doesn’t, because in Christianity he doesn’t manifest himself in every form and evidence possible. Therefore, Deism misunderstands / disagrees with Christianity in this aspect. This is one of the primary differences between the two...
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