201 Studying DevelopmentThe Research Methods Used

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Scientific method, Research Pages: 1 (198 words) Published: December 14, 2014

2.01 Studying Development!

The research methods used in this study were questionnaires, data collection, cross-sectional, and observation. They used questionnaires because they wanted to give them questions to see how alike or different when the twins are separated or together. Also, the researchers used the method data collection to get information on how similar they are. Like their hobbies, jobs, personality, and how they act socially. Then, the researchers used the method crosssectional because it is a study that is used to compare people that are not the same age, and the twins could be different ages. Lastly, they used the method observation because they are watching closely to get data on how much they have in common considering that the twins have been separated early in their life or together for most of their life. !

The nature vs. nurture debate is revealed by the study showing that just because sibling are in the same environment (nurture) does not make them any more alike then thy would be if they were in adoptive homes separated. Although, if the parents raise them or influence the same way, then they can be alike in many ways not just their heredity (nature).

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