Topics: Reason, Culture, Human nature Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Have you ever walked into a room and felt a tension caused by a lack of acceptance towards you, floating in the air so thick that you could have cut it with a knife? Many people when in a state or condition of different cultural identities, ideas or morals within a closed society, tend to feel uncomfortable or disagreeable and not accept each other. This state of mind originates because of the fact that most groups of people do not see eye to eye with each other, or agree with each other. This feeling of disagreeing can inaugurate from many different reasons, including cultural differences, different political views, financial differences, race, human nature, or even because of the different shades of skin color one might have. There are many people who agree with the idea that a substantial amount of people or groups of people resist acceptance with other groups of people. In the work of literature titled “For My Indian Daughter” by an inspiring author named Lewis (Johnson) Sawaquat, the idea of the reluctance towards acceptance is greatly expressed throughout the text. In a paragraph Sawaquat summarized a time when he joined the army, and expressed the reluctance the other men had towards accepting him and sharing their culture with his, stating, “One night all the men in my barracks gathered together and, gang-fashion, pulled me into the shower and scrubbed me down with rough brushes used for floors, saying, “we won’t have any dirty Indians in our outfit”…”. (Sawaquat, 62). This also shows the dislike they have for people with different shades of skin color, which is also a reason for the opposition of acceptance. Sawaquat also states in a paragraph “…but his basic view of Indians is expressed daily in our small town, frequently on the editorial pages of the country newspaper, as white people speak out against Indian fishing and land rights, saying in essence, “those Indians are taking our fish, our land.” (Sawaquat, 62). These examples from...
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