Topics: Algorithm, Flowchart, Control flow Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: August 2, 2013
is a list of instructions for carrying out some process step by step

is a diagram representing the logical sequence in which a combination of steps or operations is to be performed

Types of Flowcharts

Program Flowchart – describes graphically in detail the logical operations and steps within a program and sequence in which these steps are to be executed for the transformation of data to produce the needed output

System Flowchart – is a graphic representation of the procedures involved in converting data on input media to data in output form

Flowcharting Symbols

Basic Control Structure

SEQUENCE – process is executed from one to another in a straight forward manner SELECTION – a choice is provided between two alternatives based on conditions outcome as either TRUE or FALSE ITERATION – or loop, enables certain operations/tasks/instructions to repeat. These tasks are repeated based on conditions outcome as either TRUE or FALSE

The length of a rectangle is equal to 5cm and its width is equals to 3cm. Create a flowchart that will display the area and perimeter of the rectangle.

Given three numbers A=3, B=6, C=9, and D=5. Draw a flowchart to compute and print out the sum, average, and product of the given values.


Create a flowchart for a program that will accept two inputted values. And based on the inputted values the program will display the highest value.

Create a flowchart that will accept two integers X and Y. If X is greater than Y, it will compute for the difference between X and Y. If X is less than Y, it will compute for the product of X and Y. Otherwise, it will compute for the sum of X and Y. Store the results in Z and display the values of X,Y and Z.


Draw a flowchart which will read and print out the names and individual scores of 50 students in examination in computer programming.

Create a flowchart that...
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