An Analysis of the Poetic Works of Emily Dickinson

Topics: Nature, Emily Dickinson, Metaphor Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: November 21, 2012
ʻBelonging to a certain entity is the result of a particular identity. Discuss.ʼ

The concept of belonging relates to the complex relationship of and individual, the natural world, and the way in which they interact with the groups around them to form a sense of self. In this circumstance, the entity of friendship or ideally, belonging to a group, is a product of the personas own identity which is exemplified through a sense of self. The collective poetic works of Emily Dickinson explores the facets of belonging related to oneself, and the individualʼs identity as part of natureʼs organism. This correlates directly with John G. Avildsenʼs film, ʻThe Power of Oneʼ, which explores and extrapolates the divergences of natureʼs relevancy in modern society and philosophy as well as humanities inner workings. Finally, the discerning powers of William Goldingʼs ʻLord of the Fliesʼ is based upon the premise that indeed, a sense of self is achieved through the sublime power of nature and the symbolic transition of social conditioning in which people conjoin in kinship by forming an identity. A sense of self is vital in all areas of belonging, and objectified, belonging is the process in which people undertake in discovering their capabilities through their friendship groups and their surroundings. The sublime power of nature links directly to an individualʼs sense of self and uniformity amongst natural entities. In Emily Dickinsonʼs poem, ʻThis is my letter to the worldʼ, she describes bitterly the situational irony that despite her love and affection, the personified Nature was unattainable, “that never wrote to me.” Dickinson used this self pittance, as well as the anthropomorphism of nature as being a provocative of emotion, to portray herself as a servant to the divine. She uses caesura throughout her poetry to create an emotional pause, or periodic structure in her writing which effects the way the reader reacts to the text. As according to her romanticist values,...
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