Applied Managerial Economics: SWOT Analysis

Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Phase 4 Discussion Board SWOT Analysis and NPV
Applied Managerial Economics
Professor Jenson Hagen
Audriel McCall
July 30, 2013

Good Afternoon Mr. Scholl as discussed earlier you wanted me to complete a SWOT analysis I have enclosed a SWOT analysis of the content in which you requested. As well as a summary of what is looked for when complete an SWOT analysis for the company in which includes the competitive environment in which AutoEdge is going against as well as how in fact it will affect the company from moving forward. There are many strengths that you could look when viewing a coming and how they would be able to move forward. There are three major strengths in which you should look at in which would include if the company is producing a product with a rather low elasticity of demand. In which would allow the company to be able to make fluctuations to the prices if it would be needed without there being any lost. Also another strength that should be recognized would be the company ability to function in an oligopoly in which has a significantly high barrier in which may limit the domestic competitors in which the company would not have to compete with and/or against. And the last thing that should be looked at when looking a company strengths would be if the company would be able to establish a long lasting relationships within the industry in which would include the suppliers, consumers, as well as transportation for the product to be ship etc. A well-established company established company is able to generate capital in which could create a chance for economy of scales for the company.(Hill, 2014) There are three major weakness that a company should focus on in which the first one would be the loss of reputation for quality. AutoEdge in which is taking a major and/or big risk changing moving the company to south Korea in which would affect the cost of leadership. In which would be a down fall for corresponding to the quality in...
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