Battles Already Won

Topics: Family, Mother, Food Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: February 13, 2014
English Composition
9 January 2014
Battles Already Won:
I was born into what would be considered a large family by today’s standards; my family consists of a mom, dad, three older sisters and me the baby of the family. I know my parents had every intent on treaty their children all the same, no favorites, but that is not how it worked out. I have a lot to be thankful to my older sisters about, but the most important thing they did for me was to wear out my mom and dad. They fought all the battles for the little things like; what to eat, how late to stay up, can I have a car. I never really had to share things at home, my older sisters were constantly being told to share with me. Being the youngest definitely has had its advantages, I have gotten to do pretty much what I have wanted when I have wanted to do it. I never really had to share things at home

One of the battles that I hear tales of was the tradition of the evening meal. When my two oldest sisters were growing up the family would eat the evening meal around the dining room table. There everyone would remain seated until everyone had a clean plate, at least until they thought the plates were clean. My sisters have told me many stories on how they avoided eating foods they did not want to eat. They would hide the food in napkins, under plates or feed the dog. If they were not able to get rid of their food in a timely matter they would be forced to sit at the table by themselves until their food was gone or dink their glass of milk the next day. I am not sure when things started to change, it might have been when family members started getting too busy, and it got to the point where it is almost impossible to get everyone to eat at the same time. Now the tradition of the evening meal consist of a meal that is prepared and whoever is there is welcome to partake, you don’t have to sit at the table, and you don’t have clear your plate, or you can make yourself whatever it is you want...
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