Beh/225 Checkpoint Heridity and Hormones

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Human behavior, Insulin Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: September 30, 2012
CheckPoint Heredity and Hormones
Behavior from person to person can vary significantly. Indicators of human behavior include aggressiveness, intelligence, and tendencies towards violence. Hormones and genes are directly responsible for these behavioral outcomes. Throughout one’s lifetime, hormones have defined clear roles. In contrast, heredity is affected by genes and genes are affected by the environment and are able to change in regard to the situation the environment presents. Because of the ability genes have to evolve and change explains why there are variations and mutations. Therefore, the way someone reacts to a situation at one point in time could be completely different than the way they could react in years to come because of the influence of heredity on human behavior. The opposite being true of hormones as they are very specific in nature. Hormones roles remain habitually the same even as they sometimes present or absent. For example, the regulation of glucose in the body is result of the hormone insulin and this part of this hormone is unable to change regardless of the environment. However, the environment does affect the secretions and the concentration of hormones that are released. Due to the "The Librarian" (n.d.), " principle of feedback mechanism” (Influence Of Heredity And Hormones On Human Behavior) the body is affected by the internal and external changes and this can stimulate hormone secretion. For instance, adrenaline will be produced when the body has been subjected to a fearful situation. Adrenaline concentrates the glucose in the muscle tissue which allows the body to prepare for fight or flight. Once the body has been removed from the fearful situation the hormone is no longer produced by the brain. Genetics or genes are solely responsible for transferring human characteristics to offspring from the parents. The nature versus nurture theory is one of the major controversies associated with genetics as it applies to heredity....
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