Biological Criminal

Topics: Psychology, Nature versus nurture, Natural environment Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Running head: What it Takes to be a Biological Criminal

What it Takes to be a Biological Criminal

Criminal behaviors range widely in their seriousness and their affect the public. The bulk of criminal behavior consists of mostly mundane acts such as burglary, robbery and assaults. On the other hand there are a few individuals that kill people and then mutilate their victims bodies. Much of the public can easily believe that there is something wrong psychologically with those few individuals though others may argue that these people are just evil.

Thinkquest explains that biological determinism as a theory claims that humans - their appearance, behavior, and even long-term fate - are entirely determined by genes. Biological determinists disregard or deny the effects of environmental variables on the expression of a given gene, and often assume that a single mutation can have far-reaching effects on the phenotype (2000). Not only is it almost impossible to conclusively demonstrate that crime is a biological trait but it is also just as difficult to explain that it is not a biological trait. Raine states that if psychopathology cannot be defined, one cannot definitively say whether criminal behavior falls into this category (1993). This goes to show that since it cannot be clearly defined that there is no way to state that criminal behavior comes down to being biological or not.

Another form of reasoning with this issue is also nature versus nurture. Some believe that people are born the way that they are and thats the way that they will act. Yet others debate that it depends on how the person was brought up (i.e environmental factors). These include things such as if they come from a background of criminal history in their family, where they grew up or the income of the family. Even still with all the tests that have happened through the years no one knows. This leads to the conclusion that criminal behavior is not just...

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