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Task 1 – Report
Task 2 – Theory Exam

Marcos Vinicius Steluti Gulin


1.a The country that I chose to import products into Australia was Brazil. The area field was food and the product is the acai berry.
The fruit, commonly known as açaí berry, is a small, round, black-purple drupe about 1 inch (25 mm) in circumference, similar in appearance to a grape, but smaller and with less pulp and produced in branched panicles of 500 to 900 fruits. In the general Brazilian consumer market, açaí is sold as frozen pulp, juice, or an ingredient in various products from beverages, including grain alcohol, smoothies, foods, cosmetics and supplements. In Brazil, it is commonly eaten as Açaí na tigela (acai in the bowl). Information taken from:

The reason for choosing the acai product for import into the Australian market, are: 1- Australians generally care about health and has an interest in natural products. 2- The climate of Australia is hot, making the product suitable for the Australian market. 3- Acai is an original product of Brazil, which makes it interesting and new to the Australian public.

The purpose of business is to buy fruit and turn it into finished product, packaged and prepared for consumption in Brazil. And soon after that industrialization, sends him to Australia by refrigerated containers. The great strength of the business is the low cost of fruit, labor and product industrialization in Brazil, and the strength of the Australian currency on the Brazilian currency, which would generate a high return to our business. The acai berry is a product that is already on the Australian market, however, is being sold in specialty stores at a high cost. The objective of our business would offer the product at a slightly cheaper cost in major supermarkets in Australia. Are three types of products, an individual pack to be consumed on the spot, a package to be stored and consumed in multiple portions, like ice cream, and acai berry juice.

1.bA process that fosters the exchange of information and ideas among individuals or groups that share a common interest. Networking may fall into one of two categories - social or business. In the latter category, one of the implicit objectives is to form professional relationships that may boost one's future business and employment prospects.  Information taken from:

TRADE FAIRS are temporary events in different recurring intervals where new products and services are presented. The number of trade fairs is steadily increasing worldwide; therefore it is important for exhibitors and visitors to get a quick overview and find the right trade shows for themselves. One way to get contacts in Australia would be trade fairs, one that is especially geared for the food industry is the Fine Food Queensland. It's three days of fair in the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre, where we can rent a space. The fair already offers packages with standard booth space to expose the products. Fairs like these, we could find all sorts of contact. Investors interested in investing money in product, store managers and markets we could sell our products, transportation companies to bring the product to Australia and also carries it inside the country through states, skilled labor in the food market. Information taken from:

BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS are usually not-for-profit organisations that support businesses in a specific industry. They may: give information about your industry (i.e. how changes to legislation will affect your business) provide you with useful resources (i.e. information and programs to help you meet industry standards) run training and education programs

organise seminars

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