Business Proposal

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Chapter 1.0 Introduction

A Business Plan is the foundation, or rather a springboard, towards the establishment and growth of a new business, particularly in the later stages of growth. A business plan is the key to long term success for new businesses. We are going to start a new business we have to go for the feasibility study. We formed a management committee and assumed to start our business from January 2010. We will fulfill all legal formation to launch our business.

Name of the Company| Fiends Private Ltd|
Business Type| Manufacturing|
Address| Head Office 438/5 Senpara, Mirpur 10|
Company Website URL||
1.1 Company Profile


The company was proposed to form in the year 2009. In this construction period we determined some foremost factors. The company processing unit will start commercially production in January 2010 and launched its products in the market under the brand name  

Mission: Provide most convenient product to customer and make reasonable profit. Vision: To be the leader in superstore industry within the country.

Total authorized capital of our company is 15000000 tk. We are eight equal share holders in our company. We proposed to form our industry in Gazipur and set up the manufacturing equipment and machinery. Because it is the center point from Gazipur we can easily run the process in other division.

1.2 Organizational Structure

1.3 Business Plan

We want to introduce a new product in existing juice market. Our business idea is to establish a tamarind juice manufacturing company. We proposed to launch new taste and new flavor in juice market. There are various companies existing in this industry with various flavors but tamarind is new concept for the customer. Tamarind juice is not that much popular like mango or orange and etc but there is a massive customer demand for tamarind juice. Though Arong is manufacture the tamarind juice but they only confine with a limited number of customers. They did not concentrate much on it. Their main concentration is on their handicraft. If we launch the industry we can also capture their customer.

During a pre-feasibility assessment the Tamarind juice sector was identified as a potential growth sector and a large demand for locally processed Tamarind exists. Tamarind juice is also a relatively easy product to processes; it can be stored without cooling and can be transported at relatively low costs. That was the reason that is why we choose this sector.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of a specialty product, like Tamarind Juice. We will produce a quality product that has been well accepted by the Food Industry in Bangladesh, and has met the stringent standards of the Food and Drug Administration, in our exports to that country. We will offer world class Quality Tamarind Juice. This juice will be 100% pure & Natural. No synthetic color & Flavor will be added in it. It will be ready to serve naturally.

Chapter 2.0 Objectives

We establish our company as a premier “Brand Recognized” name throughout the community in a year.

* Create a new field of employment
* Generate revenue in the economy
* Generate total sales revenue to establish a profit at the end of year one. * Establish a consistent annual growth rate in every year. * Provide customers with high quality at reasonable price. * Establish strong sales in the major supermarket.

Chapter 3.0 Feasibility Planning

As mentioned before that we are going to launching a new product is called Tamarind Juice. To set up this kind of new business we have predetermined some important factors. First of all we need enough capital as well land to set up our factory and equipment for juice manufacturing. 60% of total capital will generated from partners. And rest of the 40% will generated from bank loan with 15% interest rate. Bank loan is provided by the Dhaka Bank SME brunch. We will...
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