Bvs Supply Chain Management Case

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Nicolas Maalouf
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International operation and supply chain management

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Strengths:  - BVS has assured its relative independence from its corporate  parent in the US - number 2 in its field.  - The hiring effort focused on scientists, and junior  management. - Aggressive investment in Research; Strong and innovative  R&D Department.  - Intensive growth in current sales and projected sales  - Dynamic, entrepreneurial, and ambitious head of purchasing department and have an international experience.  - High-tech machinery, BVS most advanced on the market. - BVS sustain good relations with their supplier.   Opportunities:  - Forceful investments in the pharmaceutical industry,  enormous enlargement in R&D investments.  - A booming forecasts of a total market – Critical product, Large Demand & limited supply (Banque de Genève).  - New supplier “WildGrass NJ” having advantages in flexibility in price and supply.  Young human capital can add value to the existing management. 

As a part of big Pharmaceutical Corporation, BVS have to maintain an important profitability margin and an increasing drift of sales to align up the market trend since they expect a prevalent demand on a critical product they compete to produce in shorter time. The in-house situation - the situation within BVS Weaknesses: - Profitability was decreasing as sales growth. - Delay on the production schedule. - Independent management from the parent organization in the US. - Purchasing department had limited signature power. - Centralized decision making (CEO) – time Cost. - Divergence and inefficient coordination between Departments. - Mediocre role of purchasing department (low image). - Depending on limited suppliers (duopoly LCSD and BCC). - Weak presence on the US market. Threats: - Marbelpharm one year ahead of BVS. - Limited material resources (Natural ingredients & limited suppliers). - LCSD and their main competitor, BCC never...
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