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Human Resource Planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has right number of people, right kind of people, at the right places, at the right time, capable of the right places, at the right time, capable of effectively and efficientlycompleting those tasks which will help the organization to achieve its overallobjectives as well as goals. Human Resource Planning then, translation theorganization’s objectives and plans into the number of workers needed to meet those objectives. Without clear-cut planning, estimation of organization's human resource need is reduced to more guesswork.

Top Management:
Personnel manager advises the top management in formulation and evaluation of personnel programs, policies and procedures. He also gives advice for achieving and maintaining good human relations and high employee morale. 2.

Departmental Heads:
Personnel manager offers advice to the heads of various departments on matters such as manpower planning, job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, placement, training, performance appraisal etc. HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING

Human Resource planning also referred to as manpower planning, has been defined as the process of “getting the right number of qualified people into the right job at the right time”. It is the process of matching the internal (existing employees) and external (those to be hired or searched for) supply of people with job openings anticipated in the organization over a specified period of time.HRP involves projecting and forecasting present personnel functions into the future.Setting up an employee plan involves anticipating the future patterns of anorganization and of the business environment and then relating human resourcerequirements to the conditions. Both the internal factors of labour demand and skills assessment and the external factors of establishing labour market conditions must be considered...
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