Chapter 8 E-Supply Chain, Collaborative Commerce, and Intrabusiness Ec

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Chapter 8
E-Supply Chain, Collaborative Commerce, and Intrabusiness EC

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to:
1. Define e-supply chain and describe its characteristics and components. 2. List supply chain problems and their causes.
3. List solutions to supply chain problems provided by EC.
4. Define c-commerce and list its major types.
5. Describe collaborative planning and Collaboration, Planning, Forecasting and Replenishing (CPFR), and list their benefits. 6. Define intrabusiness EC and describe its major activities. 7. Discuss integration along the supply chain.

8. Understand corporate portals and their types and roles.
9. Describe e-collaboration tools such as workflow and groupware.


How General Motors Is Collaborating Online
1. E-Supply Chains
2. Supply Chain Problems and Solutions
3. Collaborative Commerce
4. Collaborative Planning, CPFR, and Collaborative Design 5. Internal Supply Chain Solutions, Intrabusiness, and B2E 6. Integration Along the Supply Chain
7. Corporate (Enterprise) Portals
8. Collaboration-Enabling Tools: From Workflow to Groupware Managerial Issues

Real-World Case: Portal Speeds Product R&D at Amway

Appendix 8a: Intranets

Answers to Pause/Break Section Review Questions

Section 8.1 Review Questions

1.Define the e-supply chain and list its three major parts.

A supply chain that is managed electronically, usually using Web technologies.

2.Describe success factors of e-supply chain management.

These factors include the ability to see collaboration as an asset, information visibility, speed/quality/customer service, and tight integration.

3.List the six processes of e-supply chains.

These include replenishment, e-procurement, collaborative planning, collaborative design/product development, e-logistics and the use of B2B exchanges/supply webs.

4.List the major e-supply chain management infrastructures and enabling tools.

These include extranets, intranets, corporate portals, workflow systems and groupware.

Section 8.2 Review Questions

1.Describe some typical problems along the supply chain.

Some problems include missed deliveries/improper inventories and quality problems.

2.Describe the reasons for supply chain-related problems.

There are several potential reasons, but many center on the lack of communication and trust.

3.Describe the bullwhip problem.

The bullwhip effect is when large fluctuations in inventories along the supply chain occur, resulting from small fluctuations in demand for finished products.

4.Describe the benefits of information sharing along the supply chain.

The major benefit is an improvement in the overall functioning of the supply chain – better communication provides more information for better planning.

5.List some EC solutions to supply chain problems.

These solutions come in the areas of order taking, order fulfillment, payment, inventory planning and collaborative commerce.

Section 8.3 Review Questions

1.Define c-commerce.

The use of digital technologies that enable companies to collaboratively plan, design, develop, manage and research products, services and innovative EC applications.

2.List the major types of c-commerce.

These include joint design and forecasting.

3.Describe some examples of c-commerce.

Some examples include communication/collaboration at RE/MAX, information sharing at Marriot and supply chain visibility at Nygard.

4.Define collaborative networks and distinguish them from traditional supply chain collaboration.

A supply chain network that can be widely dispersed in location that is able to communicate due to the use of c-commerce.

5.Describe KM–collaboration relationships.

Collaborative commerce is essentially an integration of knowledge management, EC, and collaboration tools and methodologies that are designed to carry out transactions...
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