Checkpoint Program Planning and Grant Proposals

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Checkpoint: Program Planning and Grant Proposals

Grant proposals are evaluated by the organization that is going to be providing the funds on the basis of sound business practices and good planning. Organizations providing funds will not consider granting funds to organizations that have not planned properly for their program. All grant proposals must address the grantor’s goals within the organizations ability to provide relevant services for the program they are applying to for funding. Proper planning will be apparent by following a step by step approach to building a well thought-out and planned proposal. The goals stated in the proposal should be addressed thoroughly, specifically and should clearly define the objectives that will be accomplished if the funding is provided. Planning also shows the risks involved with delivery of services. Each step needed should be added as a component to the proposal. Also included in the proposal should be as much financial information as you can provide and what your budget is going to be during the proposal period. Reporting on these elements will be a part of reporting back to the grantor for any grant proposals that will receive an award for funds. Before you write your proposal, research has to go into every aspect of the written grant proposal so that it accurately represents the company. All the plans are founded in theoretical situations. Plans and proposals state the expected timeline for the project to meet particular goals and expectations. Those goals and expectations need to be completely and thoroughly planned out. Also must clearly meet designed objectives so that the organization can successfully meet the proposal’s requirements
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