Child and Worldview

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Laura Hill
CWV 101
Bob Greene
Worldview Essay Rough Draft
“A worldview is a set of beliefs about reality and human nature. A worldview is not just a list of beliefs but a living view; not just an academic endeavor but a personal one as well.” (Cosgrove, Mark 2006) One’s worldview is the very essence of who one is and how one sees the world around one. In studying differing world views, one may come across as many belief systems and evidence to support those beliefs as the number of people one encounters, but one needs to delve deeper in order to understand how those worldview were formed. What variables play a part in the formation of an individual’s worldview? Research reveals that three main factors go into the formation of a worldview. One’s worldview is a compilation of one’s impressions from childhood, experiences of life and sense of who one is and what one is capable of accomplishing. Let’s begin to examine the three factors and how they each play a part. One vital contributor to one’s worldview is one’s impressions from childhood. Nature or nurture? I say both! Heredity, temperament and certain other genetic factors certainly play a role in the manner in which a child develops, but the things one is taught as a child may play an even bigger role. The statement, “One’s home is one’s original school house, and one’s family is one’s first teacher.” is never truer than in this situation. Children are like sponges, greedily slurping up every bit of information they encounter and constantly asking questions about everything they see and hear. Adults in a home with children have a huge responsibility to carefully and consistently teach their children the things one needs to know to survive in the world today. Home is also where a child’s value system is formed. One’s concepts of love and respect generally mirror what one saw lived out in one’s home as a child. And one must also lead by example. One generally inherits one’s...

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