Cold Storage Supply Chain Management

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A cold storage chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of warehouse and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range. It is used to help lengthen and make sure the shelf life of products such as marine products, frozen, fresh agricultural produce, photographic film, pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals. The chain needs to begin at the production/farm level (e.g. harvest methods, preprocessing, Pre-cooling) and cover up to the consumer level or at least to the retail level. A well-managed cold chain reduces spoilage, retains the quality of the perishable products and guarantees a cost efficient delivery to the consumer given adequate attention for customer service. The main characteristic of the chain is that if any of the links is missing or is weak, the whole system fails. Pre-cooling facilities

Refrigerated Carrier
Cold Storages
Information Management systems (Traceability and Tracking etc.) The cold chain is now recognized as the sunrise sector in India and is expected to grow by 381 billion in 2015

Cold Chain Logistics is complicated and difficult to maintain. As described by Dingyi (2010), the timing, the quality of products, the temperature, the humidity and the environment are all important to Cold Chain Logistics. The three main features are: Complexity

In the whole Cold Chain Logistics process, the supplier must comply with the ‘3T’ principle. The quality of products depends on low temperature storage and the Time, Temperature, and Tolerance of the transportation. Refer to the relationship between maintain time of cold storage and the product's temperature. The time and temperature of the frozen foods is very important. Because if change the original time and temperature will lead to quality decrease that it is irreversible. Therefore the different products have the...
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