Communication Experiences

Topics: Talk radio, Communication, Contextual Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: January 27, 2013
An example from my communication experiences of communication is a process: I was talking with a friend about something and we ended our conversation. The next day, my fiancé sparked up the same conversation with both my friend and me. We explained to him how we ended our conversation the previous day and then we talked some more. It amazed us to see how a conversation we thought was ended started all over again. An example from my communication experience of communication is irreversible: I was having a conversation with a friend and gave information on a surprise for her without realizing it. I wished I could have taken back the information I divulged. An example from my communication experiences of you cannot not communicate or communication is inevitable: There was a time when I was unable to talk due to a dental procedure. My form of communication was writing down what I wanted to say. I couldn’t talk but a note book and pen could convey what I couldn’t verbally. An example from my communication experiences of communication has a purpose: A time when I gave a speech in class. My speech had a purpose. I was to talk about the rising cost of education and answer any questions the audience had at the end. I had to be sure of my purpose and make sure I stayed on that path while delivering my speech. An example from my communication experiences of communication is contextual: I was talking to my mother about something but I used a word or two in the wrong context and confused her. I continued to talk but she looked puzzled. She didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about. Knowing that communication is a process can make a positive effect on the way I communicate by helping me to realize that conversations can go on and on which means there’s always something to talk about and no need to be shy. I can improve my communication by not being afraid or too shy to start a conversation with someone. Knowing that communication is irreversible can...
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