Communication Systems

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UNIT 501Use of development systems that promote communication

1.1 Facilitate the development of SMART objectives and work plans with team members


Specific goal rather than generalise goals. You must tell exactly what is expected, why its important, who is involved, where its going to happen and which attributes are important.

Your specific goal should cover -
who is involved
where- identify a location
why- specific reasons or purpose
which- identify requirements and constraints


All goals must be measurable to then measure the progress towards the successful outcome, to measure progress is to monitor and access success and achievement.


Stresses the importance of goals that are realistic and attainable, how can the goal be accomplished?


Choosing goals that matter

Time bound

Grounding goals within a time frame providing a target date A commitment to a deadline supports others to focus their efforts on completion of the goal set. A time bound goal is intended to establish an urgency. Example- Care plans goals, client needs to loose weight, how, activities exercise, diet plan and education- SMART.

Support team of care on best to support clients the SMART procedure, enforce and practise, make others aware of person central. Good communication and documentation provides consistency in supporting staff and clients in SMART objectives and goals. Life star and goals as an example- template. Read it and sign n it sheet and summarise it. Unit 501

1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within job role

communication plays a vital role in providing a duty of care. To provide a duty of care at the best possible standards staff must be able to communicate automaton /sign
picture charts , books
emotion charts
preferred language
religious views ad wishes
body language

know clients care plans and communication passports to communicate efficiently ensure to attend full training needed, ensure tools and aids are facilitated and practised. Staff must communicate between themselves in order to provide duty of care, in order to achieve goals - best quality of life,

make improvements,
access medications,
access suitability of activities.
Risk assessment.
Improving mental health and behaviour
maintaining health,
to reduce vulnerability and exploitation,
to access s/U suited situations, EG- section informal care settings. All care plans are a form of communication, to inform those needed to know and abiding confidentiality on how best to know a client, assist staff to do so, strong thorough inductions for staff. Communication through documentation, communicate verbally to one another as team members, provides efficient and smooth running of shifts as a team leader.

Communication – knowing where S/U are, staff are, what observations facilitated and supported incidents. Good communications enables others to have a good level of knowledge and understanding of how best to support others, and to be supported. Communication enables others to understand where improvement may be needed, how best to do it and achievements and outcomes of doing so.

Barriers and challenges = communication

Within a core setting challenges and challenging behaviour may be presented due to communication barriers, verbally and physically. When there may be communication barriers it can affect a clients behaviour due to frustration the client maybe feeling. A client may become to feel angry that communication barrier is affecting their need, wishes, wants, requests and preferences. Communication barrier may make a client feel sad , lonely and depressed, causing lack of interaction and possible deterioration of health and non- compliance of treatment.

UNIT 501

1.3 Analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within own job

within a care setting challenges and...
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