Computer and Philippines Inc.

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This chapter comprises the introduction to the study itself, the statement of the problem along with objectives set, the significance as well as the scope and limitations of the study. Some terms used are operationally defined and the methodologies used are also identified.

1.1 Introduction
There is a profound effect of the computer revolution to our school, our home and our society in general. Computers plays a big role in different application such as airline industry, medicine, banking industry, television and movies, factory, offices, schools, business and even at home.

Businesses are using computers to improve their efficiency, reduce their cost of operation, and to have a more timely and accurate reports. Indeed, computer as a result, produce a variety of benefits that arrived in an enhance knowledge and improve ones capability to do things. It makes things to become possible and one of these is the payroll system. This study will tackle in particular the Payroll System of UAM of the Philippines Inc.

Payroll System is one of the systems used in a company to simplify the process of recording and tracking of information. It handles the salary of the employees and reports of their wages. People are admitted to work in order to live and support their love ones. When you are employed, you are entitled to include the payroll system.

Payroll system is one of the tiresome aspects in managing a business owing to its repetitive nature of preparation. It is indeed not an easy task which involves proper handling as it involves financial matters and at stake are the companys resources. An accurate and efficient payroll system must be properly implemented to satisfy the employees and the companys objective as well. The payroll system of UAM of the Philippines Inc. needs improvement so as to serve the employees better. The proposed system could help improve and lessen difficulties being encountered by the accounting department and the employees as well.

1.2 Problem and Opportunities
The existing Payroll System that the UAM of the Philippines Inc. is currently using is Excel. The researchers encountered the following problems:
General Problem:
Effort and time wasted in computing payroll for employee.
Specific problems:
Slow processing of pay slip generation.
Poor security of files and data storage.

Due to this encountered problems, an opportunity of introducing computerized payroll system is propose by the researchers.

1.3 Objectives of the study
The general objective of the study is to develop and improve the computerized payroll system made by the researchers that will upgrade the UAM of the Philippines Inc.

Reduce effort and time wasted in computing payroll for employee. Provide a better and faster way for processing of pay slip generation. Provide a better security of files and data storage.

1.4 Significance of the Study
The proposed Computerized Payroll System of UAM of the Philippines Inc. will help lessen time, and effort during the said transactions. The study also has significance to the following:

To the UAM of the Philippines Inc. , through this study, the company will realize that the use of computer will be a great tool to their payroll operations. Since the proposed system will have a great help the people behind the payroll system of the company for it lessen the time and effort in processing and retrieving information hence, provide ease in managing their payroll.

To the Employees of UAM of the Philippines Inc. , the proposed system can help them in a way that the problems occur during payroll can be remove like the delaying of their salaries and the time they waste during payroll.

To the other company, who are still relying on the old procedure, it will serve as their references and adapt the necessary system accompanied with the growth of the company.

To the Researchers Institution particularly to the Information...
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