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Because computers make our lives easier, they have become an important part of our existence. In this century we use computers for doing any task, for instance paying bills, doing online assignments, and making reservations. They help us to keep in touch with people all over the world and contribute with the progress of global researches. Computers can be found everywhere in homes, schools, hospitals, airports, stores, for that reason is crucial to learn about their properties and functions. Almost everyone is living a busy life, always working or traveling and because of that laptops, which can be carry on into everywhere that we go, are designed to facilitate our necessities. Making a comparison in the processor, hard drive, and RAM between two laptops, an Acer and an Asus, is going to help us decide which one is better. The processor is in charge for executing programs instructions and manipulating data to convert to information. It is called the brain of the computer. The Acer laptop is composed by the AMC C-60 dual core processor with a velocity of 1.33 GHz. The Asus laptop has a 2nd Gen Intel core i7-2640M instead, and has a turbo boost technology 2.0 with a velocity until 3.5 GHz offering extra power to support complex software. The Asus laptop has a great usage for multitasking abilities what become it the best option between these two devices. The second aspect is the Random Access Memory (RAM) which acts as the computer short term memory. A good RAM capacity is a determinant factor in performing task. It is important to mention that the more programs you have open, the more RAM it uses. The first laptop has 4GB of memory, this is not a bad capacity but once you open several programs the velocity will slow down. The second one has 8 GB of memory, thing that allow the user to develop more activities without worry about the failure of the system. The last aspect is the hard drive which is the main internal storage device. This is located inside the...
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