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Case Summary: CROCS
Zhongyang Zheng

What are Croc’s core competencies? 

1. Clear and special market positioning:
The outlook of the Croc’s is different and unique, which could be easily distinguished from other shoes and attract the customer’s attention. It does not follow the trend but create the trend. The Croc’s is functional footwear, which is the biggest difference and competence comparing with other shoe brands. It has the features of anti-slip, anti-odor, easy to wash and clean, and comfortable. All these functions perfectly match the needs of grass-root customers. 2. The management team have a clear and consistent brand mission: The management team of Croc’s focused on long-term big picture (to become a global brand) when the brand was founded. Also the team kept the brand mission consistent in the following years. They have realized that a self-built and self-controlled supply chain would give the company more clear idea of what the market situations are and flexible responsiveness to the taste-change of consumers. So they are willing to pay higher costs to the building and managing of flexible and effective global supply chain to earn profits in the long-term. 3. Using information technology to manage global supply chain. Croc’s uses big data to analyze the market. So that it could response to the change and predict the sales in the following seasons, giving them great flexibility and building good relationship with the retailers. The board executives and directors have experiences in various fields, including consuming goods, retails, IT, footwear, and healthcare… Only with a variety of backgrounds can the management team understand the how global supply chain works, identify customer needs and the successfully use big data to analyze the market.

How do they exploit these competencies in the future?
I believe that Croc’s should grow by making more product lines. In five-year’s development, Croc’s has built a very high reputation in...
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