CU2650 Support Individuals with Specfic Communication Needs

Topics: Communication, Nonviolent Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 4 (1465 words) Published: February 13, 2014
CU2650Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs

1.1The importance of meeting a service user’s communication needs is very important.
In my job role I need to communicate with people all the time. First and foremost the service user I am supporting, but there are also their family and friends, who are likely to be involved in the personal support plan.

The way in which I communicate will be different depending on the service user I am communicating with and the purpose of which I am communicating.
It is my responsibility to make sure that my communication skills meet the need of the service users I support. I should not expect the service users to adjust their communication to fit in with me.

Any relationship comes about through communication. In order to be effective in providing care and support.
Good communication is essential to effective care and is particularly important to service users, as poor communication can often lead to service users missing essential information and therefore miss out on something important to them. It is very important to establish and accommodate a service user’s preferred means of communication.

1.2My own role and practices can impact on communication with a service user who has specific communication needs by me understanding their communication requirements and recognising signals (body language).

During my role as a support worker, I find that the time that a service user communicates to me the most is when I am supporting a service user with their personal hygiene needs. Whilst supporting them I communicate with them using their specific communication needs, I have either read their personal support plan before attending to their personal hygiene needs (new service user) or I know the service user and I am familiar with their specific communication needs. During this period of time, not only do I lead an open friendly chat using language that the service will understand (no technical terms or...
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