Customer Relationship

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Customer Relationship Management
-Term Paper-

A coopetition strategy in practice
- the case of the technology park in Gävle, Sweden

Table of Contents
List of Figures3
1.1.Purpose of the paper4
1.2.Research question6
2.1.1.Supply Chain Management7
2.1.2.Business Networks and relationships7
2.1.7.Science Park12
2.2.Why do business relationships exist13
2.2.1.Value chain theory13
2.2.2.Cooperation necessity14
3.1.Scope of the research15
3.3.About Teknikpark Gävle16
3.5.Interview Results18
I.Written resources25
II.Online resources26

List of Figures

Figure 1: Network Triangle8
Figure 2: Model of different modes of coopetition (Chin et al, 2008)12
Figure 3: Illustration of network ties ( according to Donaldson und O’Toole (2007))20


This paper examines the coopetition approach of a network of companies. As a point of departure the theoretical framework examines the literature definitions and concepts of coopetition and its background. The necessity of coopetition will be explained as some models to characterize relationships and coopetition itself. As a case study the authors wanted to display if all the theoretical framework can be applied into actual daily practice. Therefore the authors chose the case of the Teknikpark Gävle, Sweden as a example to examine the applicability of the coopetition approach. TheTeknikpark Gävle is a community of technology based companies which are members of a network to maintain the relationships and create an advantage for them. This is can also be the purpose of coopetition where companies compete and cooperate at the same time to create higher value and advantages from the relationship. For the case study in-depth interview have been done to collect data about the Teknikpark in Gävle. The facility manager and two company owners as members of the Teknikpark have been interviewed. As a result of this emprirical study the Teknikpark in Gävle is an example for a coopetition network where the companies are not interacting with each other anymore. The situation today at the Teknikpark cannot been used anymore as an example for coopetition or cooperation at all. Furthermore further research should be done to examine the results of this failure and to delevop a concept which can restart the coopetition process in the Teknikpark and make it a network of cooperation again. 1. INTRODUCTION

2.1. Purpose of the paper

To sell a product or service the producer or retailer needs to let the environment also its buyers know and spread the knowledge about the product and its usability. That is a basic interaction which bases the selling of a product. On the market there is demand and supply for products and services. All producers compete about the better position on the market, which implicates a better sale of their products and furthermore a bigger share of the market. The market works with pull and push tools. The producers and pull the customers to attract them to their product or they can push their product to suit the customer. This practice is based on marketing theories. Which seek furthermore to market the product and its purpose the best and most effective way to the customer. It is visible that the market for each product, leaving the monopolistic market aside, consists of companies which are competing in gaining a bigger part of the market share and aiming for more customers for their product. The marketing field aims to attract more customers to their product. The traditional approach of marketing is competition. Whoever is the most competitive...
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