Developing Strategic Management And Leadership Skills Assignments

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Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Strategic Management & Leadership Skills Assignment
“Leaders Redesigning - Nissan”

Assignment Date: 28th March 2015

Prepared By :
Ragy Abdel Alim Ahmed Ahmed
Student No. :

Task 1

Acting as a new management and leadership consultant for Nissan the following tasks have to be finalized:

Section 1.1:
Discuss and explain the link between strategic management and leadership in an organization.

First let’s define the meaning of Strategic Management and leadership and how they are linked in organization.

Strategic Management: “The art and science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives.” (Fred R. David, 2011)”

In other words strategic management involves 3 major activities:

1. Strategy Formulation (Planning).
2. Strategy Implementation (Organizing, Motivating & Staffing). 3. Strategy Evaluation (Controlling).

And in order to set an objective, analyze competitive environment, analyze organization position and formulate and evaluate a strategy a leader is needed to drive, so let’s define the leadership.

Leadership: a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.”(”

So a leader must have the required skills and knowledge to derive a strategy and direct the followers in order to achieve the goals.

But in order for a leader to create a strategy the following questions have to be answered:

1. What is the organization current position?
2. Where we want to be?
3. How to be there?

Inline while answering these questions the Leader must have some skills in order to perform the strategy, according to Minzberg ten managerial roles are divided under three categories:

1. Interpersonal Roles (Leader role, Figurehead role, Liaison role). 2. Informational Roles (Monitor role, Disseminator role, Spokesperson role). 3. Decisional Roles (Entrepreneur role, Handles Disturbances role, Allocates Resources role, Negotiations Role).

But still a manger can fulfill the objectives but a leader will have more solutions and performs better than a manager, so let’s compare mangers and leaders:

a. Has Followers
b. Has Moral authority
c. Influence people
d. Give attention to others
e. Motivate others
f. Share tasks
g. Share knowledge and info
h. Acts as a team member
a. Has employees
b. Has Formal authority
c. Directs employees
d. Does not care about other
e. Control others
f. Manage tasks
g. Keep info and knowledge
h. Behaves as head of team

So a good leader will use all skills depending on the situation, he can be a leader inspiring people and shares information, tasks and be team member and at different situations can be a manger and control all tasks.

As a leader this is what Carlos Ghosn did:

He started as a Manger:

1. He asked for full control.
2. Requested that all VPs to report to him.
3. Selected his executives to accompany him on his mission.
4. Imposes English as official language.
5. Sets time limits for tasks.

Then as a leader:

1. He took responsibility of decisions.
2. He visited assembly lines.
3. Shared thoughts and objectives with Nissan members.
4. Setup teams to generate ideas and recommendations
5. Motivated employees to study English and share thoughts.

So if we go back and run through Minzberg ten managerial roles and apply them to Carlos Ghosn and how he performed the three main roles:

1. Interpersonal Roles

As Leader he inspired the employees and motivated them.
As Figurehead he studied available data, analyzed causes and consequences. As Liaison he was involved with the teams visiting assembly lines, dealers, suppliers and was keen to...

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