Education and Rewards

Topics: Education, Term, High school Pages: 3 (598 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Thesis: High school students should not be rewarded because rewards cannot improve students’ attitude and performance, the rewards systems are unfair, and rewards cannot motivate students in long term.

Topic sentence1: Receiving rewards will not improve students’ attitude because rewards reduce the enthusiasm of the learning.

a. Jennifer Medina is the author of "Next Question: Can Students Be Paid to Excel?", she talk about teachers noticed students have better attitude when they rewarded for studying. She states on her article, “During the school’s recent winter break, dozens of students showed up for extra tutoring to prepare” (Medina 126). Rewards can motivate some students, they look for some extra resources to help them get the rewards easily.

b. Amanda Ripley wrote "Should Kids be Bribed to do Well in School?", she introduces several different incentive programs. The students who received rewards in New York City were excited, when the researcher interview them, their answers are not what we expected. Fryer says, “ No one said they were going to stay after class and talk to the teacher” (Ripley 133). Rewards may motivate students to go to school more, but cannot to control students' grades. Rewards cannot teach students how to solving problems and any thought about learning.

c. Lisa Guernsey wrote an article "Rewards for Students Under a Microscope", she points out the journal "Literacy Research and Instruction" which published by Dr. Marinak and Linda B. Gambrell, "A number of the kids who received tokens didn't even return to reading at all"(Guernsey 138). rewards can only motivate students read book in a short term, but can not make reading as a habit.

Topic sentence2: Students should not be rewarded since rewards do not improve students’ performance.

a. Psychologists are disagree rewarding students, she states, “Psychologists warn that money can actually make kids perform worse by cheapening the act of...
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