Effective Communication

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Effective Communication

Effective communication can be defined as a message that is being conveyed clearly and unambiguously, the message you had send would reach the receiver with little or no interruption. However, in order to successfully transmit the accurate and intended message, we need to understanding the four key barriers to effective communication and find solutions: 1) process barriers, 2) personal barriers, 3) physical barriers, and 4) semantic barriers. These obvious roadblocks to communication can be disruptive in the workplace and our professional lives. The barriers in communication is danger to an organization and should be removed on time. Understanding these barriers helps manager find solution to effectively transmit message to the receiver. Process barriers in effective communication is actually quite common in the workplace, imagine customers cannot be properly serviced due to the lack of experience and training of an employee or a miscommunication between departments that made a shipment late. Process barriers come in different elements, and each element has a direct impact to the success of the day-to-day operations of business. Indeed, eliminating all elements in process barriers may seem unrealistic due to the diversity of today's workforce in America; but ultimately each individual needs to get his or her job done efficiently to produce results. Clueless employees made the communication process difficult. The solution to this problem can be as simple as to putting more resources and efforts into training employees on product knowledge and company policies; knowledgeable and competent employees will be crucial in terms of providing customers with quality services diligently and promptly. By making certain proper guidelines and steps are followed closely and orders given clearly, many of the process barriers elements in our workplace can be eliminated. Physical barriers are the physical distractions and physical things that affects...
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