Effective Communication - Essay 2

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Police, Communication Pages: 4 (1175 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Effective Communication
Veronica Detwyler
Ms. Williams

Effective Communication
In the body of this paper it will include the process of verbal and nonverbal communication and the associated components. Next, this paper will briefly discuss the difference between listening and hearing in communication. This paper will also go into details about the formal and informal channels of communication in criminal justice. Last, there will be a few examples of the barriers surrounding communication and some strategies that can be used to have a better understanding about communication in criminal justice. Verbal communication is more than using your voiced language. It has more components such as how you write, text over the internet, and visual things you see with your eyes. Some police officers communicate without even saying a word. Some types of non-verbal communication can be the voice you use when speaking, the way your face changes with each expression used, or by body language used. Sometimes verbal and non verbal communication can overlap one another. This can happen when someone is trying to understand what some is being said or the tone in which you are speaking cross up. Example:

Police officers come in contact with a lot of people. Officers learn in training how to read people. They learn how to look for key using non verbal communication. They can tell by looking at the suspect whether or not they are lying or trying to attack the officer “A police officer that becomes an expert on recognizing these non-verbal clues will be very successful in their career” (Richard,2007). Example:

In the Japanese culture they lean at an early age to control their facial expression when approached by a superior in Japan. Japanese know that if they are approached and have a bad expression that is disrespectful.

When you compare listening to hearing the difference varies. When you are listening it requires you to have an active approach with a...

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