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My Hero Eminem

The word hero should only use it if you truly mean it.A hero may be someone who is admired for bravery, courage and outstanding achievements in life, but there is no actual definition of a hero yet we all have a preconceived idea of what it means but cannot describe it. Slim Shady is my saviour/hero. He has overcome his struggles in life through music. I can understand his lyrics and relate to him. Eminem is one of the most strong, rebounable people you will ever come across. He has made a great success considering he's came from an extremely bad background then he over came even more obsticles, his whole life up to the age of about 30 has been a complete and utter failure.He was just another failure ,high school drop out whose personal struggles with drugs and poverty cuminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.Rejected by his father, abused by his mother and bullied vigarously by other children, Slim was on his own.A lone soldier.Yet he picked his life up, flipped it, he switched it, all that negativity he ditched it.Now he is one of the most well known rappers in the world, with multi platinum albums. Slim shows a great compassion towards other people once in the same position as he was.A US soldier once asked him for an autograph, he replied “only if I can have yours”. His lyrics are extremely controversial, however many people look down on him for telling the truth.He raps what everyone else is thinking and I extremely admire him for that.He doesnt care what people think of him, hes his own person. He also tells many amazing stories through his raps about his child hood, his parents and basically his life.My favourite quotes are “you dont get anoter chance, life is no nitendo game”, “i act like shit dont phase me, inside it drives me crazy, my insecurities could eat me alive”, he also shows a lot of humour taking the micky out of his former wife(Kim Mathers), who has recently sued him $10,000,000 for slander. Whenever I have a bad day I...
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