Essay: School should do more to prepare students for non-academic aspect of adulthood.

Topics: Humans, Psychology, Communication Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Schools should do more to prepare students for the non- academic aspect of adulthood

Children and parents consider school as the second home. Teachers are considered as surrogatory parents. Children learn a lot in schools, and these lessons form an integral part of a child’s life. The basic values and characteristics of an individual is formed when children are growing. These values and behaviors are essential part of an adult individuality. Therefore it is the responsibility of schools to prepare students for the non-academic aspects of adulthood as well.

Non-academic aspects comprise of a wide spectrum, ranging from behavior to communication to ethics and humanity. Communication is very important in today’s competitive world. We need to not only communicate with others, but there is a need to communicate effectively to succeed. Ineffective communication, or no communication at all, can lead to failures.

For any business venture, cogent communication is very important. If schools pay attention and encourage all their students communicate effectively, students will be more likely to succeed. Coy students will try to emerge from their shells, and be ready to face the competitive world. For example: If there are two entrepreneurs, one who is very convincing and the other shy to take any decisions or talk, the business deal would surely go to the entrepreneur who is a coherent communicator. Communication also helps create more opportunities, as the more one communicates, the more things one becomes aware of.

Similarly, other non-academic aspects would include contributing towards the social causes. Characteristics like humanity are ingrained in a person as they develop. If schools encourage their student’s think about people who are less fortunate and lend them a helping hand, the world would be a better place to live. Schools should encourage students to voluntary participate for social causes by organizing various camps, like, health checkup, or...
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