Topics: Human nature, Personal life, Happiness Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Dakota Inman
Engl 1213
Mr. Huggins
Human Nature in Joyce’s Eveline
Human nature always compels us to make a decision sometimes for the best and others destroy us. Joyce’s story of “Eveline” describes a young lady who lives an unhappy life; though no matter how matter how hard she hopes and wishes she cannot find true happiness for her own self. Eveline struggles with the conflict churning within her heart; she’s feeling as if she is always being “walked on”. Her heart cries out for happiness. Joyce uses the internal conflict within Eveline to show the basic struggle each person faces within themselves to find true happiness. Human nature, always forcing one to make a decision may it be tough or easy. Eveline is a prime example of this basic human nature as she faces her own internal demons. Putting others ahead of her always ending up with disappointment in herself, she yearns for the simple respect of other. Being presented with a chance pure happiness her heart seems to jump at it. The man that offered this happiness to Eveline went by the name of Frank. Frank was her key to a better life. “She was about to explore another life with Frank. Frank was a very kind, manly, open-hearted. She was about to go away with him by night-boat to be his wife and live with him in Buenos Ayres where he had a home waiting for her” (Joyce 5). Frank was the only person besides her dead mother to show her any type of kindness or respect. Eveline always followed what she thought was logical, as she approached the ship yard; it seemed as if her heart wanted to go but her body and mind froze not allowing her to move. It seems Frank knew what was happening as they locked eyes. “No sign of love, farewell, or recognition” (7). She could not leave this life; he was a ghost now. Eveline finds a man who can give her true happiness give her an escape from her internal prison. Joyce’s sends a message through Eveline that without being happy with oneself one will not be...
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