Topics: Sociology, White people, Black people Pages: 2 (957 words) Published: May 17, 2015
“Our identity is influenced by how others see us” Monica Ung 11B

A person's identity is the essence of who they really are. However, the way an individual is viewed can shape their identity but only slightly. Identity usually comes through from an individual’s beliefs, opinions and experiences nevertheless; appearance and social status can also play a role. In today’s society, perception and the way someone is seen tends to be more important instead of an individual’s ego and self-worth. This is because every one of us has a tendency to try and fit in society and follow its expectations and standards. We believe that the ‘ideals’ society has set up, is what we must follow and fulfil in order to be accepted. The image of a person can be deceiving as it reveals only the exterior of an individual, but not their true character. This is not always the case however. Identity can be determined by various factors such as relationship and particular people they choose to surround themselves with. Identity is not always influenced by the perception of others, it can be displayed though ones beliefs, feelings, attitudes and so on.

Perception is misleading as a false assumption can be made, and thus placing a stereotype on the individual. Within in society, labels are placed on certain races and religions. Whilst some carry positive connotations, majority carry negative. This can be expressed through the portrayal of Muslims and Arabs and their Islamic religious beliefs they hold. The Muslim community had been painted as a negative image of Islam in the media, ever since 9/11. All Muslims have been labelled as terrorists. Without really knowing who the individual are behind these stereotype, we have simply categorised into something they’re not; as a terrorist or a member of an extremist group. Muslim women also tend to find it difficult to find their individuality because must always be...
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