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Topics: Elie Wiesel, Darkness, Reason Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Fishbowl Discussion Questions for Night
Answer all questions by the time we finish reading this book. You are required to have 1-3 quotes AND page numbers (someone else may have the one you chose) per answer. Discuss the change in the relationship Elie has with his father from the beginning of the book until his father’s death. Discuss the missed opportunities in this book. Which ones were to their advantage and which ones ended up being disadvantageous to them? In the camps, Wiesel must struggle to stay alive and to remain human. In your opinion, how well does he succeed with his struggles? Use evidence to support your opinion. Select one portion of narration in Night and comment on how it “paints a dark and angry picture of human nature.” What circumstances in the memoir allow for this darker side of human nature to emerge? Discuss how Elie changed emotionally, spiritually, and physically throughout this experience? Emotionally-

Throughout his account, Wiesel uses language related to death, darkness, night, and decay to convey the horrors around him. Reread to identify examples of this recurring language. Then discuss the images this language evokes and the overall effect of Wiesel’s language. What valuable lessons did you personally find in the reading of this memoir? Use evidence! How do the people Wiesel interacts with strengthen or diminish his hope and desire to live? Talk about his father, Madame Schachter, Juliek (the violin player), the French girl, Rabbi Eliahou & his son, the Nazis. Which of their actions touched you the most? How does Wiesel’s writing style strengthen his account? Use evidence to explain. Why is this book titled Night? Use evidence to prove what you are answer.
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