Frankenstein Themes

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Frankenstein, Human nature Pages: 9 (2397 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Visual imagery through techniques within text help portray themes. Dialogue – tool of the author to represent the characters displaying a sense of the theme through their actions, words, responses. Use as many techniques available to represent their motifs, purpose, themes. * Technology vs. Humanity

* Galvanism – created life due to advancement in technology. Frankenstein monster adopts human traits. * Replicants – are technology. Literal battle between the replicants and the humans * Science vs. Religion

* Frankenstein –
* Humanity
* Classification
* Pursuit of knowledge
* Pushing the limit and boundaries to be ‘god-like’ * Creation vs. Destruction
* Nature vs. Science
* Lack of nature
* Nature vs. Nurture (human nature)
* Relationships
* Companionship (creature)
* Humanities desire to be in relationships
* Isolation because he is striving for relationships
* [Victor and tyrell are both isolated because of their obsession] * Morality
* Want vs. Need
* Are we the way we are because of the genetic makeup or as a consequence of things that have happened in our lives.

* Alienation and loneliness
* Faust
* Concept that humanity has a quest to conquer (discover, control) and will do it at the cost of our humanity. * Conquering, unknowing what the ramifications will be. * The reader is positioned to see victor favour his own ambition. Above friendship and family. * Frankenstein, as a result of alienation and loneliness, develops and builds on isolation as a consequence of Frankenstein’s search and drive to conquer all. * Frankenstein inquisitive nature displays his moral and physical corruption because he is unable to balance his intellectual and social parts of life. As a result, his relatipnships are destroyed by himself or the consequence of his desires (creature). * Ingolstadt immersed in his mission and cuts himself from everything that is morally important * Family

* Friends
* Father
* Elizabeth
* Family portrayed as pinnacles of ... love, nurture etc. Frankenstein lacks these qualities * Isolation leads to despair Frankenstein’s loneliness wasn’t for self-gratification. * Victor’s inquisitiveness leads to his emotional and physical peril. * Shelley – this pursuit of science and knowledge when driven by hubris cuts off those things of value to an individual and a society and as a whole. She is waning us that the new science and the striving to achieve will make us leave behind those things that are of value and worth to us. * Description of victor’s parents, siblings and friends is in direct contrast to the qualities displayed by victor in his obsessive drive to create the creature. * Opening letter (victor and Walton) both from nurturing environments that consider the welfare of their loved ones. Yet both men abandoned those qualities in their quests. [Walton – puts his men at risk] * Isolation the creature experiences.

* Paradox – victor and Walton attain isolation in their quest where as when the creature discover what it means to belong and the human qualities which he seeks which victor has lost. * Victor- becomes more isolated

* Creature- result of victors quest and discovers his need to belong * Victor and Walton are prepared to push the boundaries and sacrifice things of value and morality. * Shelley – is it worth it? Pursuing the ‘quest’ we sacrifice morality and our humanity. In the search to replicate humanity, we lose humanity. * Shelley’s warning. Why do we keep doing it? It is continued in contemporary society to feed the curiosity – human nature. * Losing sight of what is right because when the extraordinary becomes the ordinary we lose sight of the ramifications. [this generation knows...
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