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Topics: World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: September 24, 2008
Value Chain Analysis
WWE’s value chain has really helped the company gain a competitive advantage in the market. Since there are many aspects to the WWE, from the merchandise to the live shows, the value chain seems to be quite large. Starting with the primary activities, the WWE utilizes all of them when they are trying to get the product to the customer. Inbound logistics deals with the preparation of the live event. Contacting suppliers to make sure all of the trucks have all the necessary components needed to piece together the event. This adds value because poor inbound logistics could lead to the live event not being ready in time and could cost the WWE millions. Next, the company needs to take the inputs and work on getting them to the final products. This involves setting up the live event and even the accounting needed to make sure that they are on budget. The WWE has gained a competitive advantage by using family in the their operations. Linda McMahon is the CEO while her son manages all aspects of the website. Outbound Logistics deals with finally getting the event to the customer. This can include ticket sales and providing deals with the Pay-Per-View service provider. This can also include putting out DVD’s of the wrestling matches to the fan. By using the website for these products, they can really cut costs and really set their own prices that their dedicated fans will pay. Marketing and sales is another area where the WWE shines. As stated, the WWE has a strong web presence where marketing is cheap and can reach a targeted audience. It also is shown on multiple channels, cable and basic cable, which help cater to all audiences. The brand name really helps to sell itself, so not only is the product great but the reputation is stellar. The WWE understands their audience, the age group it targets has strong computer knowledge, so it can set up web-only strategic contests and video content that were very successful. The last component of the...
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