Genie the wild Child and Dugard

Topics: Nature versus nurture, Tabula rasa, Human nature Pages: 7 (2752 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Isolation Development

We all have parents that take care of us, giving what we need making sure that what life throws at us than we know how to respond back and interact with society. Involvement in society at a later age is dependent in which one is raised, so the parents have a big part in raising their kid making sure they are having proper social interaction. Any amount of social interaction is going to have a positive benefit, for young kids or any age. One of the most famous debates in Psychology is the Nature vs. Nurture debate, which has been going on since the time of Aristotle. The aspect within this debate comes to the question of; did the aspects of our behavior become because we inherited our characteristics from our parents know as the Nature? The other question leads up to our behavior of; did we get our characteristics from what we learned from the environment through experience? Both of these arguments are neither right nor wrong and can work in many situations. People known as empiricists look towards the human mind saying that at birth the mind is a tabula rasa, meaning a blank slate and filled up with the result of experience and supporting the Nurture aspect. So when an infant forms an attachment with the mother than he/she is responding from the love and attention, which the mother is giving to the infant. This interaction goes along with the language and any other thing the mother does towards the infant. The infant starts imitating the speech of others and the cognitive development depends on how much is reared towards the infant from the parents. An extreme Nature example in psychology includes Bowlby’s theory of attachment, which views the bond between the mother and child as being innate to ensure the survival. With this whole debate full of facts on both sides we just cant say someone is the way they are because of Nurture or Nature. But in two cases both about isolation the famous Genie the wild child and a recent case of Fritzl we can see if they were affected through Nature or Nurture. One of the most famous isolation cases is the Genie (the wild child), with that as not her real name but given because as we think of a genie coming out of a bottle and coming into human society that was just like her life where she saw very little if not any of outside society. Genie’s story came to life when she was discovered on November 4th, 1970 in California where a social worker had seen her and thought something was not really right with the way that thirteen year old looked. So taking the matter in her own hands filed a investigation on her home, where she would soon to find news that was just impossible to hear. Genie had been found confined in a small room with very little light and tied to a potty seat, and found out by investigators she has been in treated and abused like this for 13 years. Since birth up to being a teenager Genie has had no interaction with other people other than her father who would come every once in a while giving her food while her mother would just stand behind her husband. Deprived her whole life psychology and physically she has no ability to talk or interact with other people due to the fact that she missed her crucial years of development this is where the debate of Nature vs. Nurture comes in. This is a great example of Nurture because of how Genie was raised with the isolation being a big impact of her first thirteen years of her life. When they found Genie she was very scared and seemed like she had never seen other people being nice to her trying to help her. The factor of this was because every time Genie made a sound her father would evidently hit her so her action to the abuse was to become mute. At an early age this had taught her that if she speaks to anyone than the reaction would be punished with getting hit which is based off the nurture part of the debate with behaviorism. The fact that Genie was already a teenager the...
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