HIST Assignment 1

Topics: John Locke, Religion, Human Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: December 21, 2014
Wing Man Tang (Monique)
Professor O’ Keeffe
HIST 3005-Spring 2014
February 26, 2014
First Primary Source Analysis
In John Locke’s “The Second Treatise of Government” and Galileo Galilei’s “Science and Scripture,” it shows both of the authors have distinct and influential views of human reason and the legitimacy of authority. Locke believes that humankind’s relationship should not have any spiritual basis or religious rule and it should rely on a government system which holds authority of a society but cannot overpower its citizens. On the contrary, Galilei believes that humankind’s relationship should be based on the scripture as well as the law of nature. Galilei places emphasize on the biblical authority and everyone should listen to the God says in the bible. Despite the fact that Locke and Galilei appears to have different views, nevertheless, they trust that human beings are rational animals and God is the one who gives them reason. “Life, liberty, and property” are the main ideas of Locke’s natural law theory. Locke claims that “The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges everyone; and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind who will but consult it that, being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm one another in his life, health, liberty, or possession…” (SB, 35). According to Locke, in the state of nature, there is a set of universal law which depends on human reason and human nature. Every human being is naturally equal and free under any circumstance. The law educates all human beings to live in one livable community where everyone should treat others equally and peacefully. In addition, no one should destroy or control other human lives such as having them as servants for one business. Every member in the community should join together into one group for their amicable life and in order to maintain a civil society. Locke expresses that as God has decided to create human beings to be...
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