Human Theory

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My Theory of Human Nature
It is human nature to treat other people, animals, and yourself in different ways depending on how you feel, experiences you have had, and your upbringing in life. From the way that people act you can group people into different categories. These categories are based off people’s culture, economic situation, and values and faith. Throughout my life and especially this semester of college I have witnessed people treat other people, animals, and themselves considerately, inconsiderately, fair, unfair mean, kind, destructive, and prudent. I am not sure what made these people treat these things in that way, but each person has their own reason on why they did it. In this essay I am going to talk about examples of how people treated animals, people, and themselves in different ways, different ways you can group people, and if people are born the way they are, or molded into the person they are through their upbringing.

A very common thing in today’s society is inconsiderate people and a more rare thing are people that are considerate. It used to be common manners to do simple things that made you be considerate, but as time has passed many people have become more inconsiderate. During this semester I have witnessed many people act inconsiderately and considerately towards others and themselves. I see examples of inconsiderate people and considerate people everyday, whether I am walking to class, trying to sleep, or just sitting in my room. On example of this is the most common and easiest way to be inconsiderate. I see this when I am walking to class and someone goes into a door ahead of me and they do not hold the door open for me and instead just let it slam in my face. Another example is when I was in Chicago my friend Josh Rainer was sitting in a seat on the train and an elderly lady got on the bus and instead of asking her if she wanted his seat he stayed seated and the elderly lady had to stand up. Along with the inconsiderate people in society there are considerate people. Simple tasks like my friend introducing their friends to me is an example of a considerate thing that I have witnessed this semester. Finally this week Dr. Monaco asked my class is we would rather have a take home final or an in class final. A little considerate task like this changed the whole week for many of us students and took stress off of us. So even if you are having a bad day going out of your way to do something considerate for someone else could change your day and that person’s day for the best.

Unfair people and fair people have been around forever and always will be. People are unfair for many different reason, whether it is because they feel like they need to have an advantage, or they dislike the person they are being unfair to, or many other reasons, but we see these types of people in our everyday lives. Along with this people are fair because they feel like it is the right thing to do, they like the person, or for other reasons, but we also see these people in our everyday lives. During this year of football I saw coached treat players unfair everyday. Eddie Pope is a player on my football team and just because he was out of shape the coached would not let me participate in team sessions. He was only allowed to participate in individual sessions because they did not want him taking up time. Another example of people being unfair is seen in the work place. At my moms work my mom, Debbie Graves, and one of her co-workers, David Brookfield, have the exact same job and credentials, but he gets paid more than she does and more opportunities than she does. This is seen all the time in the work place whether is because of sex or race. While we see many unfair things everyday we also see things that are fair. Everyday in my dorm room I witness people being fair. I see it when people take turns playing the Xbox and sharing food and drinks with each other. Finally many people believe that life is not fair and...

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