Impact of Peace and War on People

Topics: Psychology, Agriculture, Gaza Strip Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Impact of peace and war on people

War is an ancient social phenomenon, started since human existence began on Earth. There was a belief that war is the essence of life, and that the history made by the major battles. To make it easier to understand the impact of peace and war on people, The last two wars on Gaza will be a good and real example that determine the psychological, environmental and economical effects of war.

War has terrible psychological effects on people that can last forever. Children are the first victims of wars. They don't know what is going on, why they die and who is responsible of killing people in front of their eyes. This scenes remain stuck in their imaginations and appear in their dreams. This is called Trauma and it accompanied by lack of sleep, anxiety and faltering in speech. It is not just about children, psychologists agree that after 2012 war on Gaza, all segments of society affected psychologically because of the rapid sequence of events which make all people in Gaza Strip involve in.

Beside losses of human lives, wars cause great environmental losses. This environmental damage is deliberate part of the war winning strategy, and also use as punishment for the losers countries. For example, The powerful countries use forbidden weapons in wars as white phosphorus which used by Israel in 2008 war on Gaza. White phosphorus is deposited in the soil or in the bottom of rivers and seas, leading to pollution that causes harm to humans. Also, Each shell kill every living organism around it in diameter of 150m. white phosphorus leads also to air pollution in which inhalation of this gas would melt: trachea, and lungs.

War cause severe economic crises that can not be avoided or recover from. It leads to the destruction of the infrastructure of public services and the destruction of public institutions, houses, associations, private property and economic establishments. For instance, in the eight-day war on Gaza...
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