Importance of Communication

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Communication is how a message is sent from one person to another so it can be understood. From a business standpoint, communicating effectively is a must and is crucial to the successful operation of an organization. All business leaders as well as managers need to understand the fundamentals of communicating effectively. Communication is essential for an organization. If communication ever ceases, any type of organized activity will cease as well. There are two main types of communication in any organization which are formal and informal communication. We will first look at formal communication, which is communication, either written or verbal, passed through the formal channels of the organization. Formal Communication is considered the most efficient way to communicate because it is usually defined by the organization’s reporting structure and chain of command. It is also the preferred method of communication when asking for clarification or direction on projects, to reporting any issues, and exchanging information. Some basic examples of this can be communication of company goals, policies and procedures, instructions, complaints, or any type of reviews. Formal communications is covered within three different types. To start off you would have upward communication in which your employee address you and a manager/supervisor. This could be for various reasons from concern on a certain policy or procedure to them having an issue within their formal life needing advice or feedback. Also there is downward communication in which you as a supervisor/manager communicate to your subordinates of the same nature in which may vary depending on the situation. Then there is horizontal communication in which employee discuss among their follow peer of a situation or concern. This could be from the entry level employee to employee or from management to management. Informal communication encompasses communication that will usually fall outside the formal channels and is...
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