Key supply chain issues

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Logistics Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: November 29, 2013
 Key Supply Chain Issues The economic collapse has had at least one affirmative impact: It forced corporations to take a concentrated check at their supply chain, inquire some of their suppositions, and pluck out key incompetences. In a paradigm, unplanned decisions to source cheap-price products from states with the smallest labor cost since they may no longer make sense when the long-term amplifies in haulage rates, risks of interruption, and weeks of inventory in the pipeline are factored into general landed cost calculations. Currently there are analysis going on over the supply and chain management changes in SCC (supply chain council). SCC is working on various advancements on the issues of supply chain challenges, which are affecting the global economy and markets. The SCC is aimed at advancing the supply chains acknowledgement, and its application to solve the real world challenges (Supply chain council, 2012). Today, colossal markets in several states have developed links with other markets in different parts of the world; hence forming immense supply chains from raw materials to finished products. These products are supplied to their various destinations, which are markets around the continents. As a matter of truth, as contamination scandals continue to rage through French, Europe supermarket giant Carrefour has announced a number of initiatives to perk up the traceability and quality of its supply chains (Perkins C, 2013). The corporation pronounced last week that it was switching to 100%French beef and pork it its own brand ready meals. The identical will take effect on iced up geared up meals within six months, giving the retail the fabrication and supply pilot time needed to reinstate imported product with French animal protein. In a part deal, Carrefour has signed new partnerships with beef and chicken suppliers. One of these will initiate the first antibiotic free and GMO free chicken...
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