Kite Runner quotes

Topics: Morality, Sociology, The Kite Runner Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Theme quotes for ‘the Kite Runner’
1. ‘But he’s not my friend! I almost blurted. He’s my servant!’ (page 36) – Class differences, human nature, friendship & inhumanity. 2. ‘Afghans are an independent people. Afghans cherish custom but abhor rules. And so it was with kite fighting. The rules were simple: No rules. Fly your kite. Cut the opponents. Good luck’ (page 45) – Values and morals & father and sons. 3. ‘I envied her. Her secret was out. Spoken Dealt with’ (page 144) – Human nature, courage, choices, lies and secrets & values and morals. 4. ‘But despite Baba’s successes, people were always doubting him. They told baba that running a business wasn’t in his blood and he should study law like his father. So Baba proved them wrong by not only running his own business but becoming one of the richest merchants in Kabul’ (page 13) – Fathers and sons, loyalty, faith, values and morals & human nature. 5. ‘Hassan was standing at the blind end of the alley in a defiant stance: fists curled legs slightly apart. Behind him, sitting on piles of scrap and rubble, was the blue kite. My key to Baba’s heart’ (page 62) – Father and sons, loyalty, friendship, brotherhood, inhumanity, values and morals, honour & faith. 6. ‘I loved wintertime in Kabul…But mostly because, as the trees froze and ice sheathed the roads, the chill between Baba and me thawed a little. And the reason for that were the kites. Baba and I lived in the same house, but in different spheres of existence.’ (page 43) – Father and sons, brotherhood & friendship. 7. ‘And maybe, just maybe, I would finally be pardoned for killing my mother’ (page 49) – Father and sons, guilt and redemption, loyalty & atonement. 8. ‘Never mind any of those things. Because history isn’t easy to overcome. Neither is religion. In the end, I was Pashtun and he was a Hazara, I was Sunni and he was Shi’a, and nothing was ever going to change that. Nothing.’ (page 22) – Class differences, friendship, human nature & choices. 9. ‘It had...
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