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Subject: Lean Management.
Identify the ten most important points which has been very instrumental in Toyota being a world leader in Manufacturing. Explain these points in detail Ten most important points which made Toyota a world leader in manufacturing are. How People work

Toyota managers will ensure that all work shall be highly specialized as to content, sequence, timing and outcome. When a cars seat is installed, the bolts are always tightened in the same order, the time it takes to turn each bolt is specified and so is the torque to which each bolt should be tightened. Such exactness is applied not only to the repetitive motions of the production workers but also to the activities of all people regardless of their functional specialty or hierarchical role. How people connect each other

Every connection must be standardized and direct, un ambiguously specifying the people involved, the form and quantity of the goods and services to be provided, the way requests are made by each customer, and the expected time in which the requests will be met. This creates a supplier-customer relationship between each person and the individual who is responsible for providing that person with each specific good or service. As a result there is no gray zone in deciding who provides what to whom and when. When a worker makes a request for the parts there is no confusion about the supplier, the number of units required or the timing of the delivery. How the production line is constructed.

All the production lines in Toyota have to set up so that every product and service flows along a simple, specified path. That path should not change unless the production line is expressly redesigned. In principle there are no forks or loops to convolute the flow in any of Toyotas supply chains. Creating long term philosophy

Have a philosophical sense of purpose that supersedes any short term decision making. Work, grow and align the whole organization toward a common purpose...
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