Learning in the Classroom Interview

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Week 1: Learning Disabilities and the Classroom

Week 1Assingment: Learning Disabilities and the Classroom Interview Essay Topic: Education for Learners with Special Needs: Organization and Planning Course Contents
Shannon Titus
Due Date: May 26, 2013
SPE-359 | Education for Learners with Special Needs: Organization and Planning Instructor: Colleen Walsh

I have created a Special Education (SPED) Team for this course. That includes Mrs. Chain a special education teacher and Mrs. Robinson a third grade teacher. I have chosen to work with students with LD in resource rooms and other classrooms. I have made contact with two or three of the student’s families to help with information and insights on their lives dealing with LD and also a few members of different community organizations dealing with children with LD.

1. Visit the classroom of a teacher of students with LD.
As I made contact with the service center, classes and teachers on the last week of public school in order to make the interview and set observation and participation schedule up.

2. Discuss skills necessary in organizing and planning strategies for effective classroom management, including grouping, scheduling, lesson plans, homework strategies, record keeping, and selecting instructional materials.

Organizing-Planning strategies for Effective classroom management-It is very important to have your classroom set up in a well-organized and planed out classroom that will be friendly and inviting for all students. The effective classroom management is important for students to know just what is expected from them and what the teacher will do to help them in every situations. Including grouping-There is an important factor in grouping students together with or without disabilities. You must know how a student will work out in different groupings, for example a student that will act out or misbehave in or around certain others or vice versa. Some placements will work in the favor of the class and help students come positively out as helpful or willing to work well with others. Scheduling-Are ways to be very ready for most anything you may have to compensate for throughout the day, one most important part to scheduling is to remember to be flexible in every way so your class can run smoothly and allow for changes as needed from you and your students. Lesson plans-Teachers make lesson plans to be able to teach the subject material that is needed to meet state regulations or assessments requirements. You must have many ways to teach the same materials because it is the best policy to make sure you can teach every student and make modifications as needed for special needs in learning. Homework strategies-When thinking about strategies for homework you must know your students and their families well. There are some students that may require some special needs in different ways to even be able to do homework. There may be a special need for second books at mom’s or dad’s houses from divorced homes or two household families of our students. You might find a parent that has LD as well so cannot always help their child study or do the homework assignments. Teachers must get to know the families and keep communications open always so that you know exactly how to help the student have best possible learning experience. Record keeping-It is very important to keep good records to show the accomplishments from one assignment to the other and how they might learn from different kind of strategy and learning styles. This is a great opportunity to show different ways of assessment in each student’s academic skills and learning abilities throughout their educational journey. Selecting instructional materials- Teachers have to know their students so that they may make a good learning plan for them to understand and make a good understandable directions for the student to be able to know exactly what to do in an assignment. When you understand what you...
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