Lord of the Flies

Topics: Human nature, Human condition, Humans Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: October 28, 2014
The Lord of the Flies is considered a classic novel because it brings to light important issues about the human condition. To what extent do you agree with this?

William Golding’s the Lord of the Flies is a classic novel that chronicles the battle between one’s true character and savagery, and highlights some critical issues regarding human nature. This is illustrated through the dependence on physical appearance, as well as through the deterioration into beast-like creatures. This allows Golding to develop the island as a microcosm of the world in which the boys personify the conflicting traits of humanity. The gradual deterioration of all sense and order on the island portrays Golding’s concern about the darkness of humanity. The debacle about the “chief” of the island discloses the ignorance of humans to judge on physical achievements and appearance. The ‘us and them’ mentality is expressed here through the nomination for the leader. Jack boasts that he “can sing C#” and is “chapter chorister”, which he believes marks him out as a leader. This arrogance allows Golding to criticise the nature of humans to boast and believe that achievements alone make one superior and more qualified than others. The selection of Ralph as the chief also illustrates the significance of physical appearance in society. Ralph’s size and “attractive appearance” isolates him from the rest of the group. The illustration of Ralph and Jack is Golding’s criticism of the significance and power that physicality has in society. Golding’s criticism of humans carries on through the characterisation of Piggy. Piggy with his glasses, which symbolise intelligence, is overlooked due to “his ludicrous body” even though he “had brains”. The depiction of Piggy and Ralph embodies personifies the judgement established on appearance not skill, and alludes to politics in which politicians are often elected on popularity, not ability. Golding here criticises the ignorance of the human psyche to...
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