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Making Thinking Visible
In order to make thinking visible teachers must come up with ideas on how to. After reading this article they showed me the think-puzzle-explore method. In this method students get to think, identify questions and target directions to explore. These certain types of thinking routines help that light bulb in the students head click. The routine of these thinking methods will help those certain struggles that were once invisible made visible again. Learning is the consequence of thinking.

To have an open mind, curiosity, attention and imaginariness is what makes a good thinker. This article showed me that children do not realize the thinking ability that they have, if teachers have more open minded learning for the children there curiosity would grow. When children speak among one another they take in each other ideas. The effective thinkers can really express their thinking through words, writing and drawing. This is a great way of opening ideas for visible thinking.

In a teachers classroom it is important to having all of the right learning abilities available. For example, modeling by the teacher and others give the children a push. When they have an example it helps create or express their project. Also a major point for a classroom is relationships and interactions. When children grow comfortable with their teacher and playmates it lets the child want to share more of what is on their mind. Teaching and learning is the fundamental part of a teacher’s experience that promotes positive thinking in the classroom.

When children are asked the question what do you think about something? Many questions are asked and puzzling goes on throughout the discussion. This helps expand the variety of thinking and assumption of the question. The big curiosity for teachers is how their students will solve their puzzles.

Positive changes have been made in the school culture and how the students learn. Classroom learning helps the children...
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